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Snow Crab Toe - SC -

New version of toe with innovative locking system on two levels to compensate the wear of skiboot. A model created from the experience of years on the race, from research and design with dimensional calculations and production processes treated in detail. Made from CNC machines with Ergal and Titanium for lightweight at the same time maximum reliability and safety.


  • Parts made in Ergal, hardened steel, PE-HD polymer
  • From machining chip removal
  • Single front binding weight 78gr
  • Automatic lock with skiboot pressure
  • Quick open with manual pressure on front lever
  • Manual selector for climb or ski downhill
  • Two locking levels, the first for new skiboot and second for wear skiboot
  • Holes position compatible with front binding Dynafit
  • Slot for rampant support for Dynafit crampons
  • Does NOT comply with DIN standards and values of release

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